One of the primary defects in human thinking is


Assumption is often fallacious

often risky

often destructive of adaptive behavior

of communication

of understanding

Assumption is easy. It is a knee jerk reaction,
a tendency inbred into the Human Species.

Even massively intelligent people Assume.

For example –

what about this shaky Assumption by massively
intelligent people?

That the Speed of Light is a constant

This assumption requires extreme complexities
in Astrophysics and Cosmology.

Dark Energy

Dark Matter

and promulgates a conflict between any tenable
theory of Gravity, and the theory of Relativity.

Why do we make this assumption?

Because we’ve measured the speed of light.

In a vacuum.

Of a few inches to a few feet in length.

Well – that’s not Really why we make this assumption.

We are smart enough to know that our “proofs” of the
constancy of the speed of light are inadequate

We see evidence of forces in the Universe that contradict
this assumption all the time –

Gravitational Lensing

Black Holes

So Why do we make this assumption?

Because we Need it to be true.

So that we can measure things.

So that we can understand our Universe.

Commonly, Human Beings make Assumptions because we have
experienced patterns, and assume that they will always hold.

Because experience has “taught” us things which we assume
are immutable

Because we want or need things to be a certain way

Because it’s easy. And Certain!

And therein lies the tragedy.

on the Spiritual Path, the virtue is not Certainty

is not based on Assumption

or “secondhand knowledge”

on the Spiritual Path, the virtue is inquiry

Knowing what we Don’t Know

Asking. Seeking. Knocking.


And a willingness to live in the tension of the unresolved.


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