Defective Causality


The Human Brain is a wonder. A massively parallel processor
with virtually unlimited memory capacity given its normative
use and lifespan.


The Human Brain suffers from eight evolutionarily encoded
defects in Primary Cognition, which can be mathematically
tested and demonstrated.

From the standpoint of the damage done to individual Human
Beings and Society, the most problematic of these defects is

Defective Causality

Defective Causality occurs in several forms. The most frequently
observed has a name as a logical fallacy:

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc in the Latin

Translated: After the thing, therefore, before the thing

or to put it another way

“Since that event followed this one,
that event must have been caused  by this one.”

Here is a demonstration of this thinking in action:

John ate a carrot, then had a car accident


John had a car accident, because he ate a carrot

This kind of thinking is the root of all Superstition

Superstition causes us to make illogical and non
adaptive choices.

And Superstition is the root cause of the Evil
perpetrated by and in the name of Religion….


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