Grace is when life gives you more than you have earned, better than you deserve.

This grace can be embarrassing to receive, because so many work so hard for so little. So many have their hopes and dreams taken away for no fault of their own. How do you embrace grace in the face of this?

Grace is when people treat you with kindness, respect – even love – when there is “nothing in it” for them.

This grace can also be embarrassing, because so many are not treated in accord with their basic dignity as human beings.

Grace is a challenge for me. Karma I can understand. I’ve been on “both ends” of Karma. Karma is an old old friend….

Grace often mystifies me, sometimes horrifies me, always confronts my sense of the good and right order of things.

Grace is when your soul is touched – and you did not even realize that this was any longer possible. Because of Grace, a piece of music, a sunset, a summer evening breeze, new fallen snow, a starry sky – can transport us and challenge us to live in a manner worthy of this beauty.

Grace is when someone sees value in you of which you were not really aware.

Grace is when someone sees brokenness in you and and responds with compassion.

Grace is when someone sees ugliness in you and rather than judge you or shrink away, they recognize their own brokenness in you, and embrace you as a brother or sister in life’s journey.

Grace is far more common than most of us take time to realize. Or perhaps we do not have our senses attuned to it or simply lack a capacity to appreciate it, or perhaps, take it for granted – consider it as our due in life.

Grace challenges us to become its instruments, to make our world a better place.

Grace stands in poignant but silent witness to the fact that we human beings are not alienated from “God”, but rather that the Divine can be glimpsed and experienced in every day life. In fact, that “God” has a yearning to touch us, and to be known by us as well.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. London Rayne
    Aug 09, 2010 @ 16:07:41

    Simply beautiful and so accurate!


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