This ancient salutation from the Sanskrit has levels of
meaning. At its most basic, simple etymology, it means
“let there be a salutation to you”.

However, for followers of Sanatana Dharma or other traditions
originating in Vedic / Yogic practice, Namaste carries several
levels of meaning:

The Divine within me acknowledges the Divine within you.

All that is best and highest in me greets all that is best and highest in you.”

The light in me sees the light in you”

Or, simply, “I see You”

What is it like to really “see” someone? To really acknowledge them?

It is more than a simple non-conscious act of receiving visual data
into our brain and interpreting it to create an image in the minds eye.

We move through life day by day, receiving visual data, but not “seeing”
others. Most of us do not really “see” ourselves.

It is only to the degree that we develop our own spiritual center,

follow our own spiritual path

develop our own vision of our self

that we can truly see another

To the degree that we accomplish this, we behold ourselves as imperfect
and flawed, but loved and yearned for by the Divine. We realize that
“God” does not exist to exclude or judge us. Does not yearn for our
“perfection”, but for our attention, our focus, our presence.

And that the Divine holds others with this same compassion, this same
yearning, this same Love.


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