It has been said, that there are two kinds of people-

those who love Things, and use people


those who love People, and use things

I have at various times in my life, been both “kinds” of person

The former way of being made me very unhappy. Filled me with anxiety,
frustration, rage. Caused me to mistreat and devalue people.

The latter made me grateful to be alive, gave me an appreciation for
things without measuring my life by what I do nor do not possess, freed
me from the anxiety of Attachment, while at the same time opening me
to the Joy of real Relationship – with the self, the Divine, and others.

Non-Attachment is the key to living a life free of anxiety, stress,
anger, hatred, fear, compulsion, and self loathing – all fundamental
distortions of our true nature.

Non-Attachment is a fundamental skill on the Spiritual Path, which must
be learned, developed, practiced.

Non-Attachment is based on the real awareness, on fully seeing and realizing

That the world, and the things of the world, are in flux, are passing away.

That change is a constant.

That things do not have the power to fill the void within us

That things cannot bring us luck or love or happiness or fulfillment

That if we attach ourselves to Things, we also will be in flux, out of control,
unstable. That the existential void within us will remain unfilled, yearning.

Non-Attachment is a change of focus

Learning that the value of Things is properly utilitarian – to serve
our needs or those of others, to make life more comfortable or enjoyable
or to add beauty

Learning NOT to expect the World of Things to satisfy us, comfort us
increase our self-worth, fulfill us, meet our ultimate needs for
meaning and purpose

Learning that the only essential reality is our state of Being.

Learning to exert control over our choices, our attitudes, our emotions

Developing our Spiritual center, practicing Harmlessness and Compassion

Learning that our connection with our truest, highest, best, self,
with the Divine, and with Other is the source of meaning in our Life.

The Steps to achieving Non-Attachment are partly a realization

a change of focus, a reordering of values

the practice of living in self awareness in the Present Moment

A needful first step to achieving Non-Attachment is the practice
of Pranayama.

The Centering experience of exerting the control of Breath, of Vital Force,
is the first step on the path to Non-Attachment.


Enables us to make non-conditioned choices.

Allows us to step back from the cycle of stimulus – response

Frees us from the powerful symptoms of our own evolutionarily
encoded body-chemistry

Lifts us above our purely Animal nature

Empowers us to gain mastery over Anxiety, Stress, Anger, Compulsion

Transforms us so that we are not focused on or rooted in the Suffering
and Unhappiness to be found aplenty in this world, but rather so that
we may be rooted in Harmlessness and Compassion for self and other.

Non-Attachment is the highest value of self-actualization.


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